Make It Happen


Sometimes, you can be a little tired of your life, so you go on social medias and start to compare you life with theirs. You thus come to the conclusion that you wish you had a life as fun and as good as theirs seem to be — I know I’ve been there and still am sometimes. But you know what ? YOU are the only one leading your life, YOU are your own limits, and even though sometimes you feel coward enough to throw the fault on someone/something else, you’re wrong. And here is why :

Reading The Slight Edge, I learned a lot, it made me question myself, and see how wrong you are in leading your life. It shows how to reach the top with almost nothing. 

« You can start with nothing but a penny, yet if you understand the slight edge, you can go anywhere in the world you want to go  » – The Slight Edge

Almost everything you want to accomplish is reachable :

  • You want to travel here and there ? What’s stopping you? Money you said? Well, that is a fake problem, start looking for a job, put a penny in a bucket each and everyday and your problem will be solved. You want to leave tomorrow? Well, reading this book you’ll learn that patience is everything. You can’t miss steps, you have to climb the ladder, but once you’ll be travelling, you’ll realise that each penny you put in this bucket was worth it. Another option is to travel but for a shorter time, a week in London will be much more expensive than a night in a good hotel in London.
  • You want to be as fit as this girl on Instagram? Once again what is stopping you except laziness? NOTHING, here again it is a fake excuse. Even though you start by running 10′ a day, and doing 10 abs, at the end you’ll be fit no matter how long it will take you to be there, what matters is once you’ll be fit you’ll be proud of your achievement.

I could give you so many other examples to show you that reading this book, made me realize that I was the only one stopping myself from doing what I really wanted to do. I think failure can be a succession of bad decisions or a sign that you were not going on the right path — Pretty much the same thing you’ll say.

So, think about what is really stopping you from reaching your goals and find a way to solve it. And remember that reaching your goals can take time but everyday becomes an other step to reach it if you want it to be.

Same for Happiness, you are the only one capable of being happy. But I guess It will be in another post.





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