Moscow Guide


For the first time in my life I got to spend the NYE in Moscow. I actually spent a week there, and I thought I could share my journey with you. I will show you the places I went to visit that were worth it. Lire la suite


Must Read Articles to Kill this Year


I have not been able to post on Sunday, so here is the article I was planning on posting —but a little bit late. However, I will come back on Sunday with an article about my trip to Moscow! But for this new year I’m planning to post on Sundays to be able to find a balance between this blog and my studies. I definitely want to avoid missing to post for 2 weeks or so. Anyway, let’s get back to today’s post, so I like to go on the Career Daily Girl blog whenever I’m in need for inspiration/motivation. And I came up with the idea of making a list of the articles that motivate me for this new year! So, I’m wishing you a happy New Year and I am now leaving you with the post. Lire la suite



My next trip, as you can tell by the title of this post, will be in Russia. More especially, in Moscow —we also have the project to go to St Petersburg but it is not sure. Anyway, for this post I did some researches about the places I would like to visit, or restaurants I would like to go to. I centred my researches in Moscow and St Petersburg— just in case. I will basically do the same thing as in my previous post about travels I want to do or I am about to do like this one. Lire la suite