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Summer – Kinda Healthy Recipes

Hi everyone, today – just as the title suggests – this post will be about cooking. Since I love spending hours in the kitchen when I get bored or just for my own pleasure, I thought I could share some Summer recipes with you. I’ve already tried out most of the following recipes, but I’ll also put some I found on Pinterest and that I’m dying to do! I’ll also put french recipes, as I am French!

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Pineapple Lover.


I discovered dried pineapples a while ago. Knowing that I like pineapples, I thought of it as a really good alternative as I love to always have something to eat with me. Also, I can eat as much as I want of it instead of eating some cake (whether it is healthy or not). It really keeps the taste of the pineapple without having juice running down your mouth. Recently, I also found that this product is not only natural and free of preservatives but also gluten free – as it is mentioned on the box. The only negative point is that the production « La Esmeralda Costa Rica » comes, as its name states it, from Costa Rica. During my last trip there, I bought some bags that I brought back with me but they never lasted long. Some of these bags of fruits can be found in France but not from the same brand. And to me, it doesn’t taste the same. So, I decided to look them up and I found their website where you can buy them online but I have never tried it yet. I’m thinking about trying it out soon. Lire la suite