How to get your life back on track


If you asked me how I managed to get my life back on track, after this tough summer — and these last few months (if you don’t know what I’m talking about click here), I would definitely answer that I’m actually still working on it. Even though I’m on the way of getting my life back to where it was before, but still trying to make it an even better version of it, I decided to write a post to share with you some tips that might have helped me — what seems good for me to do to get your life back on track. The key point for me, after   failing a few times, is to take your time. Be patient, don’t rush it. Lire la suite




Last week I turned 22. This year for the first time, I did not want to celebrate my birthday. I was/am going through a tough period of my life, and felt like I did not want to be in this state of mind for a special day like my birthday. However, you cannot really cancel your birthday, so I tried to put aside my bad thoughts at least for a day. Lire la suite

I Needed a Step Back


The past few weeks have been tough for me, I felt like my life was going on without me. I don’t know if you can picture the idea, but it was how I felt about it. I felt the need to take some rest, to stop everything for a weekend — to be offline for a minute in order to find the strength to feel better. So, I managed to do what had to be done to make room for these two days off. I think that it is ok to feel the need to step back sometimes. Lire la suite

Make It Happen


Sometimes, you can be a little tired of your life, so you go on social medias and start to compare you life with theirs. You thus come to the conclusion that you wish you had a life as fun and as good as theirs seem to be — I know I’ve been there and still am sometimes. But you know what ? YOU are the only one leading your life, YOU are your own limits, and even though sometimes you feel coward enough to throw the fault on someone/something else, you’re wrong. And here is why : Lire la suite