Where Have I Been?


At the time I’m writing this I’m still wondering if I should post this or not. But I saw somewhere that it can be good to write down what you feel. It helps you move on, and exteriorise. Today, I’m sharing what I could call one of the worst moments — summer— of my life. Lire la suite


Make It Happen


Sometimes, you can be a little tired of your life, so you go on social medias and start to compare you life with theirs. You thus come to the conclusion that you wish you had a life as fun and as good as theirs seem to be — I know I’ve been there and still am sometimes. But you know what ? YOU are the only one leading your life, YOU are your own limits, and even though sometimes you feel coward enough to throw the fault on someone/something else, you’re wrong. And here is why : Lire la suite

Happy Mother’s Day!


I actually have 3 mothers ( my mom, my grandma, and my sis) — I also have friends that  are my moms actually. On Mother’s Day I like to make them feel special. I know that it should be every day but it is never easy to do it every day. So on Mother’s Day I put a point of honour to do it. Lire la suite