Moscow Guide


For the first time in my life I got to spend the NYE in Moscow. I actually spent a week there, and I thought I could share my journey with you. I will show you the places I went to visit that were worth it. Lire la suite




My next trip, as you can tell by the title of this post, will be in Russia. More especially, in Moscow —we also have the project to go to St Petersburg but it is not sure. Anyway, for this post I did some researches about the places I would like to visit, or restaurants I would like to go to. I centred my researches in Moscow and St Petersburg— just in case. I will basically do the same thing as in my previous post about travels I want to do or I am about to do like this one. Lire la suite

London Guide


I just got back from a little trip to London. Barely back, I’m already planning to go back there as soon as I will be able to — knowing that I will go there next year for sure! So,I wanted to share with you the places I went to visit and some restaurants that I thought were worth being shared. Lire la suite




Since I love travelling, I thought I could do some posts about that. I thought about doing some research on the places that are to be seen in the city, nice restaurants and so on. To sum up all the things I usually do before I go somewhere. I’m sharing with you my bucket list for every places I am about to go to, or would like to go.
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