#ThursdayThoughts 23


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Make It Happen


Sometimes, you can be a little tired of your life, so you go on social medias and start to compare you life with theirs. You thus come to the conclusion that you wish you had a life as fun and as good as theirs seem to be — I know I’ve been there and still am sometimes. But you know what ? YOU are the only one leading your life, YOU are your own limits, and even though sometimes you feel coward enough to throw the fault on someone/something else, you’re wrong. And here is why : Lire la suite

Mini Dress x Espadrilles


On sunny and warm days I often get lazy to dress up. I thus put either a jumper or a dress : 

  1. it’s easy to wear (you don’t have to spend hours to choose two pieces)
  2. it does not keep you warm, and that’s what we want! 

Today, was that kind of days, so I went for this mini denim dress (from Asos), and my espadrilles, easy and cosy to chill all day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!


I actually have 3 mothers ( my mom, my grandma, and my sis) — I also have friends that  are my moms actually. On Mother’s Day I like to make them feel special. I know that it should be every day but it is never easy to do it every day. So on Mother’s Day I put a point of honour to do it. Lire la suite