Back To School!


Today is the start of the school year, some are excited about it, some— like me — are not excited at all —except by the fact that I will be able to see my friends everyday.  

For my part I still have to get ready to be there on time! Anyway, I wanted to share this outfit with you today, because I guess it is an outfit I would wear on this kind of day. I wish you a good day, and stay strong holidays are coming soon! Lire la suite


Finally Time to relax 


I thought I would be able to post this article during my vacations but obviously, — and I am blaming you internet— I could not even look at snapchat… But let’s say it was an off social network kind of holiday. I then started a new summer job, so it’s been hard for me to find spare time to focus on the blog. Even though I want it to stay a priority my health had also been – and even more so – my priority for the past few weeks. Lire la suite

Off the Shoulders


Pretty hard to get work done, when the summer job season has started, but I’m working on it. That’s why I’m back with a summer outfit in today’s post. I actually randomly took this jumpsuit in the shop and thought I should give it a try. I ended up loving it, I think it’s the perfect outfit for a warm day when you don’t know what to wear. Furthermore, I’m definitely into this off the shoulders trend, I don’t know about you but I think you can’t go wrong with these. 

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Make It Happen


Sometimes, you can be a little tired of your life, so you go on social medias and start to compare you life with theirs. You thus come to the conclusion that you wish you had a life as fun and as good as theirs seem to be — I know I’ve been there and still am sometimes. But you know what ? YOU are the only one leading your life, YOU are your own limits, and even though sometimes you feel coward enough to throw the fault on someone/something else, you’re wrong. And here is why : Lire la suite